Anthony Logistics

  • Anthony Logistics – Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash 355ml

    This paraben-free, 2-in-1 formula from Anthony skincare cleanses and conditions hair and body in one step. The unique alpine wood scent is very clean and masculine which will invigorate your body and mind.

  • Anthony Logistics – Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub 355ml

    This body scrub from Anthony skincare has an amazing deep cleaning formula that will rejuvenate your skin and prepare it to absorb moisture.

  • Anthony Logistics – Facial Moisturiser SPF30 90ml

    Save face. Sugarcane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon Extracts (natural AHAs) help erase and prevent wrinkles. Wheat Protein soothes and tightens, while Panthenol retains moisture. Vitamins A, C and E nourish. SPF 30 protects.

  • Anthony Logistics – Oil Free Facial Lotion 90ml

    Your skin shouldn’t outshine your personality. Moisturize and smooth with sodium PCA amino acids, soothe with aloe and chamomile, retain moisture with glycerin.

  • Anthony Logistics – Alcohol Free Deodorant 70g

    Be approachable – Herbal and Botanical Extracts deodorize, Calendula calms in this Aluminum Free formula.

  • Anthony Logistics – Facial Scrub 237ml

    Remove irrelevant skin; Leave dead weight behind. Bora Bora White Sand removes dead skin cells. Aloe Vera, Algae and Chamomile soothe and refresh the skin, while Vitamin C protects.

  • Anthony Logistics – Algae Facial Cleanser 237ml

    Cleanse, refresh, and moisturize your skin with this everyday Algae Facial Cleanser.

  • Anthony Logistics – Pre Shave Oil 59ml

    Only you can prevent facial fires. Olive, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary Oils soften the hair. Vitamin E conditions and Calendula soothes.

  • Anthony Logistics – After Shave Balm 90ml

    Extinguish the fire. Natural Botanical Extracts hydrate, Allantoin soothes and Aloe Vera heals, while Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect.

  • Anthony Logistics – Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25

    Soft lips, No shine, Fresh Breath. A Matte balm formulated with resveratrol to nourish lips, Stevia to sweeten breath and SPF25 to protect.

  • Anthony Logistics – After Shave Gel 226g

    The Anthony Shave Gel is formulated for sensitive skin. It's all natural ingredients hydrate and protect skin while providing an easy glide. The non-detergent formula does not foam or irritate skin. The Aloe beads break on contact with razor to release a burst of hydration

  • Anthony Logistics – Shave Cream 177ml

    The Anthony Shave Cream has a rich, dense, whipped formula that spreads easily over skin. It does the hard work for you and softens beard hair giving you the best shave ever!